Here’s the schedule of what I’m working on, and I’ll post it up here as it’s done. I’m working on a short story about a celebratory lifeguard party.

After that, unless I get sidetracked (which is entirely possible), I’m getting into what is my new favorite genre of fiction: Harry Styles fan fiction. It’s my new favorite because I didn’t even know it existed until a few weeks ago. And yes, it is a thing. Go to www.harrystylesfanfiction.com. I know exactly what you’re thinking: That’s the most amazing thing ever. The same thing went through my mind. (Side note: I didn’t even know who Harry Styles was before I found Harry Styles fan fiction, but I’ve since discovered who he is.)

There are even some NC-17 stories, and it doesn’t appear the teenage girls writing the stories know what NC-17 means. I started reading a few, and they were…fantastic! It was like reading Anne Frank writing about Peter Van Daan, except without the whole Holocaust thing. And the Harry Styles stories have a lot more unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, which I love. Sometimes, when I’m writing, I’m like, “Oh, this character’s smiling? No, he’s smiling incredibly narcissistically.” Oh yeah, I nailed those adverbs. Screw Stephen King and his whole “adverbs are unnecessary” thing. I don’t see any Stephen King stories on www.harrystylesfanfiction.com …loser.

Anyway, seriously (see? excellent adverb use), the Harry Styles story is a neo-noir murder mystery, and it will begin with two detectives describing the many cigarette burns, broken bones, signs of rape, and other terrible things done to Harry Styles’ dead body as they begin investigating the murder. And yes, it will be posted on http://www.harrystylesfanfiction.com. Thanks to Ryan Peverly for helping conceptualize that story. I know, I know. He’s a douche, but he can be semi-creative at times.

It will be a story that can stand outside the Harry Styles fan fiction world. I’ll just change the names.


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