Junk sales are over!

Last weekend around these parts, as well as around any part surrounding U.S. 127 for hundreds of miles, was a fantastic annual event. It was the annual “Let’s Slow Traffic, Not Look When We’re Pulling Back Into Traffic, and Run Off The Road While Rubbernecking Toward Piles Of Junk” weekend. It’s better known as the U.S. 127 yard sale, which runs from somewhere in Alabama to somewhere in Michigan.

Essentially, it’s comprised of a bunch of yards on the highway who decide they have junk they think is worth money, because everyone watches American Pickers and Pawn Stars and thinks they can find a bunch of awesome stuff that’s worth a ton of money. Well, you can’t, and you most likely didn’t this weekend.

Anyone with the foresight to plan for the 127 yard sale is smart enough to have checked completed auctions on eBay, and they know if they have anything worth buying. The people who are too stupid to check eBay are too dumb to buy anything worthwhile in the first place, so it’s a lose-lose situation if you’re shopping.

The one type of item I did buy, and they only thing I ever search for at these sales, was books. It’s the only real deal you can find. And there weren’t even many of those around.

There are also people who don’t live on 127 or anywhere near it, but they think they can capitalize on it. They put signs out on posts along the highway that say something like, “Yard Sale – 2 miles that way” with a little arrow that no one follows. I drove past a few of those types of sales, and it was just a couple people sitting around with their junk, only that junk was situated on tables. They watched as no one came, no one stopped, and no one cared. You know why? Because all the sales are on 127. People drive up and down 127, and sure, you might get a few people here and there willing to go off the beaten path to be amazed at the ridiculous prices people think their crap is worth, but few do.

Here’s a tip: if you want something for a fair price, go to eBay, and look at auction listings that have bids on them. If people are bidding, the item gets to about fair market value, maybe a little higher or lower sometimes, and it sells.

Next year, how about you celebrate the 127 yard sales by staying home and knowing that you helped not clog the roadways, you didn’t get into an accident, and there are a bunch of people paying for stupid shit they don’t need.


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