A new story

I’ve uploaded a new story. This is the first revision of a story I wrote for our former library director at work. She moved to Vermont. I know, I know. Why the hell would anyone move to Vermont? It’s a ridiculous premise for a story, but we all just have to understand there are strange people in the world. Some of them move to strange states with absolutely no memorable aspects.

At least Ohio has a lot of landmarks and history and crime. When was the last time you heard of a serial killer coming from Vermont? Never. Because Vermont is boring, and all the serial killers move to a proper state before killing a bunch of people.

At least her and her family will be able to take in some professional sports events. Oh…wait…they have no professional sports in Vermont.

They’re close to the ocean, though, right? Wrong! The whole state is landlocked.

The one good thing is there are a lot of parks to do outdoorsy stuff and whatnot. Of course, they had to turn most of the state into a park, because no one wanted to build anything there.

An old dialogue between two Vermont leaders:

Important person A: “Hey, what do we do with all this land?”

Important person B: “Let’s get some people to build some stuff here!”

Six months later:

Important person B: “No one, literally, no one, wants to build anything here.”

Important person A: “Fuck it. Let’s just make it a park.”

That’s all the history of Vermont you need to know.

Anyway, check out my story here: Rutland


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